Power Pro Hotel System is an integrated cloud-based solution for everything a hotel needs, from hotel operation, purchasing, inventory, to sales, marketing, accounting, and financial

Maximize revenue and make your hotel more dynamic and competitive in the market with our dynamic rate feature

Monitor your hotel operation real-time in your mobile and tablet with our auditable cloud property management system 

Reduce working overtime on reporting with our drill-down feature that enables you to navigate your financial report to the source

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with PowerME 

Our newest product fully integrated with PMS, POS, RMS.


No Installation Needed. 

All in one place.

One Minute
Self Check-In
with Power Pro Self Check-In Kiosk
No more waiting lines at the front desk

Let your staff provide more personalized service and improve guest experience with easier and faster check-in process using our Kiosk.

Our Whatsapp support is available now!

We've been working hard these past couple of months to integrate WhatsApp with our CRM (Power Pro CnC) as an additional channel for customer support.  

We have succeeded with the integration and ready to support you through WhatsApp now.

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We help hotels overcome growing pains
From operations, purchasing, inventory to sales, marketing, accounting and financial