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Enhancing hotel's competitiveness through swift and precise data based decision-making 

From the beginning, Power Pro Hotel System was designed for comprehensive integration, ensuring ease of use, accuracy, speed, and efficiency. You can trace the source of data from the reports you receive all the way back to its origin, a convenience made possible by Power Pro's full integration

Sejak awal, Power Pro Hotel System dirancang terintegrasi secara menyeluruh, agar mudah digunakan, akurat, cepat dan efisien. Anda dapat menelusuri sumber data dari laporan yang anda terima sampai ke sumbernya, kemudahan yang anda dapatkan ini karena Power Pro terintegrasi secara menyeluruh (fully-integrated)


Integrasi mulai Front Office, Night Audit, Income Audit, Receivable, Payable, Phone Billing, Channel Manager, Point of Sales, Purchasing, Receiving, Store, Recipe, Banquet, Cost Control, Cash & Bank, Fixed Asset, Financial Report dan berbagai module dan interface lainnya. Anda dapat menelusuri data bisa dari mana saja ke mana saja. Keputusan dengan data yang akurat dan cepat akan meningkatkan daya saing hotel.

Front Office

Reservation Individual / Group, Registration Individual / Group, Cashier, Housekeeping, Night Audit, Income Audit, Room Inventory, Visual Density Chart, Banquette, Visual Banquette Planner, Dynamic Rate, Package (simple package, full board, all inclusive, free flow), Reminder, Maintenance Request, Housekeeping Assignment, Housekeeping Worksheet, Housekeeping Roster, Loss & Found, Borrow Item, Deposit, Money Changer, Walk In, Complain, Guest Comment, Contingency Report, Audit Log, Dashboard, Competitor, Charts, Agenda, Achievement, Rate Grid, Company Profile, Membership, Loyalty Integration, Reservation Analysis, Event Calendar, Contract Rate, Room Blocking, Room Allotment, Room Statistics, Room Statistics Budget & Forecast, Statistics, Statistics Budget & Forecast, Daily Sales Report (Budget & Forecast), Statistics Logs, Guest History, Reports, Document Scanner, ID Scanner (passport, KTP, SIM), Account Receivable, Credit Card, Credit Card Settlement, A/R Deposit, Invoice, Cash Receipt, Aging (back-dated enabled), Mutation (back-dated enabled), Customer Reminder, Customer Statement

Logistic & Inventory

​Market List, Purchase Request, Purchasing, Receiving, Return, Store Requisition, Store Issuing, Transfer, Physical Adjustment, Spoilage & Breakage, Recipe, Banquette Cost Calculation, F&B Sales (untuk menghitung potential cost berdasarkan recipe), F&B Daily Flash Report,  F&B Reconciliation, Store Browser, Minimum Quantity, Consumption Browser (dapat di-drill-down sampai ke transaksi), terintegrasi secara penuh ke semua module.

Back Office

Account Payable: Integrate to Inventory, Voucher, Purchase Deposit, Cash Payment, Aging (back-dated enabled), Mutation (back-dated enabled), Reports.


General Ledger: Cash & Bank, Journal Entry, Trial Balance, Ledger Browser, terintegrasi dengan seluruh modul, dapat di-drill-down.


Financial Report: terintegrasi dengan seluruh module, seperti menggunakan MS-Excell, semua data yang ditampilkan dapat di-drill-down.


Fixed Asset: Asset, Depreciation Flat/Double Declining, terintegrasi dengan G/L, Purchasing

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