About Power Pro Hotel System

Our Core Value

Power Pro Hotel System was established based on our belief in innovative product, reliable service, dedicated team, and exceptional customers
With 30 years of experience, 500+ hotel customers, and 24/7 support, we are here to help hotels operate seamlessly day and night 

Our Mission 

We aim to develop trust with our customer

Our Vision 

We aspire to be an asset to the nation 

"PowerPro is a cost effective capital expenditure for a complex Hotel Property Management System which : Integrated, Comprehensive and Independent."

Indratmo   Information System Manager of Hotel Bumi Surabaya

Our Short History

Founded in 1991, our team has worked tirelessly to become the technological standard in Indonesia's Hospitality System Industry.

We believe in innovative and applicable technology that assists our customers in managing their hotels comfortably, which will result in increased productivity and profitability.

We understand that exceptional customers have helped us grow by giving insightful feedback for our future technology.


Therefore, we aims to provide a reliable and dedicated support team to keep our customers' trust and confidence in us.

In the ever-changing market, we strive to be a reliable partner to our customers 

Our Core Value: Service & Customer

Our Dedicated Team

Since 2012, we provide 24 hours support for hotels day and night. Even though we provide products, we see ourselves more as an IT service company. As we always aim to be a compentent partner for our customers. 

Like Google and Hilton, these two companies realize that book smarts are not necessarily equal strong work ethic, grit, and talent. With 50 employees, Power Pro Hotel System has hired people from various academic backgrounds. 

We take pride in training and empowering our employees for their future careers

Our Core Value: Service & Team

Hence, our team members were once farmers, security guards, forklift drivers, and other unexpected backgrounds. Why do we hire them? Simply because we believe everyone deserves an equal chance to succeed in life and career. 


Our company's newspaper jobs Ad written as "Looking for: High school graduate, with interest or hobby in IT/computer", that's it. No more academic and skill requirements.


You don't need to worry about our team. Every new employee is put in 3-6 months of cross-training with their seniors. The training duration depends on their dedication and hard work in learning about our system and hospitality industry.

After working for a minimum of five years, Power Pro will recommend our qualified employees to hotel customers in need of staff. If not, our employee is given the freedom to stay and further their career with us. 


Many of our employee alumni are currently working as IT managers, accounting managers, IT corporate, and Financial Controllers around Hotels in Indonesia.

"Penanganan support yang cepat dan memahami kondisi masalah dengan baik"

Yohanes Liverto   IT Manager of Atria Hotel & Residences Gading Serpong

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