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Rusmaidi Fetra

Cluster General Manager – DMC Hospitality

Evaluate your business by choosing the right hotel management system use POWER PRO!

We have been using Power Pro Hotel system since August of 2012 and I must say that I am more delighted. The product works well and delivers on what's expected. Its reporting features are impressive, allowing us to make smarter decisions around our property.


Integrated hotel management systems like Power Pro is transforming how hotels run their operations, enabling them to transcend growing pains that hindered their progress of unlocking the next level of profitable growth.


Cloud-based hotel software which can gather and store guest information, preferences and details that help to predict and analyze customer behavior should be most-preferred. This greatly facilitates guest service excellence.


The team at Power Pro are constantly reviewing the software and listening to user's feedback to improve the software. I can only see Power Pro becoming a better and better product with time.


We recommend Power Pro to any other users or companies looking for data quality and a system which informs your decision making.

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